Month: December 2019

LAUDE BSV host a Health and Sport Nutrition talk

16th December 19

On 13th December, Laude British School of Vila-real (Castellón) hosted a talk on Health and Sport Nutrition, given by Jessika Rosas, who is an expert in Health and Sport Nutrition. So, Jessika Rosas visited our school to talk to a group of GCSE and A-level PE students about the importance of a Balanced Diet and…

Year 5 enjoy learning about materials

12th December 19

Year 5 students have learned during these weeks about matter and its general properties. At Laude The British School of Vila-real (Castellón), we like encouraging new ways of exploring science. So, our students have measured the mass and volume of different objects. They have also experienced the specific properties of matter, buoyancy, resistance, thermal insulation,…

Electrifying learning at BSV

9th December 19

Do you know who invented the light bulb? In Year 2, we have been studying our new IPC topic, Electricity, and we have discovered such amazing things as the effects on static electricity or how to light a bulb and make a circuit.   To start with, we investigated the effects on static electricity and…

Year 9 enjoy a visit to Fanzara

8th December 19

On 22nd November, Year 9 students went on a trip to the beautiful town of Fanzara. Fanzara is a town located in the interior of Castellón with 300 inhabitants, whose houses are covered by more than a hundred graffiti and other samples of urban art. The fame of the murals of Fanzara and the MIAU…

Amor en Acció rewards BSV for their solidarity

4th December 19

On 24th November, Laude British School of Vila-real, as a cooperating and solidary entity, was present at the regonition ceremony of the NGO ‘Amor en Acció’. Ms. Rhian Cross, as Deputy Headteacher and representative of the School, received a certificate in recognition of the solidarity of our centre. We would like to thank Amor en…