I am proud to be writing to you as the Deputy Head of Laude British School of Vila–real. I am aware that many of you already know me as the Head of Sixth Form but I would like to take this opportunity to express how delighted I am to be taking up this new role at our school.

I have worked at the school for ten years, both as a Secondary teacher and as part of the Senior Management Team. Over this time there have been many changes and I feel that the school has evolved to become a truly outstanding, with our students being effectively prepared to step into their futures as confident, pro-active and multi-lingual citizens ready to take on the challenges of the outside world.

Preparing our students for this final step is a process that starts when the children join us for Early Years and Primary School. It involves full support and guidance from our staff and parents to ensure the success of all of our students. My role until now has been mainly focused on the Secondary students and I am now working with you all in my wider role as Deputy Head.

Rhian Cross, Laude BSV Deputy Head

Studying at BSV has not only given me the necessary training to access a high-level career, but it has also enabled me to develop different skills, abilities and study habits. The global and international education that I have received has given me the opportunity to study abroad.

I would like to tell all BSV students to make an effort with their studies and take the opportunity to study in a school as special and unique as BSV, since it will be worth the effort in the future. I am proud to be a former student of BSV and I would say to all families who are looking for a school for their children that they should not think twice, they should see all the things that BSV can offer their children”.

Javier Broch - Former Laude BSV student

“My three children are happy at LAUDE The British School of Vila-real. Every day it fills me with delight to see them going to school full of enthusiasm and desire to live new experiences.

We believe it is very important that our children receive their education in English. They are already bilingual, which gives them a mental agility and will be an incredible benefit for their future.

In my opinion the vitality of the BSV’s educational project is the most important factor for the development of our children. It has a strong practical component which encourages them to be independent, decisive and enterprising. From a very young age, children get used to working on tasks both independently and in teams.

For us, the teaching staff are very important, since they are the ones who spend every day with our children. At Laude BSV I truly feel that all the staff are excellent.

I particularly appreciate the fact that the educational system takes into account the skills of each student, individualizing their education and ensuring their academic success. I also think that the range of school subjects is very appealing and we feel it is very important that students can specialize in the Sixth Form.

In addition I have found it very satisfying to see how emotional education is being supported through the Psychology Department of the school”.

Sara Fortuno - Mother of 3 Laude BSV students

“BSV you have given me everything. Thanks to the school I have become fully bilingual. The preparation I received at BSV has allowed me to study in a prestigious international university”

Elena Tomás - Alumni from the Class of 2014

“Studying at BSV has given me different values ​​that have made me who I am today, thanks BSV”

Jordi Tomás - Alumni from the Class 2016

“Studying at Laude The British School of Vila-real has allowed me to study at a truly great international university; IE University. Laude BSV helped me to develop as a human being. It has been quite easy to manage my time at university because of all the guidance the school gave me”

Jaume Pesudo - Alumni from the Class of 2018

“Studying at BSV has given me the opportunity to study at any university in the world and it has allowed me to develop skills which have made me more independent and autonomous. Of course, the level of English I have acquired at BSV has helped me to be able to adapt to different situations and I now feel that communication with others is one of my strengths. I’m proud to have studied at BSV”

Naiara Palanques - Former student from the Class of 2017