Category: Primary School

John Dougherty visits LAUDE BSV

22nd January 20

Today, the charismatic writer John Dougherty visited Laude BSV to share funny stories, sing songs and sign copies of all his books to all of our Infant and Primary students. The students from Nursery 2 to Year 6 enjoyed a lively talk in which the author John Dougherty shared funny stories with them, causing them…

Year 3 BSV students committed to the environment

13th January 20

At Laude British School of Vila-real, we are very committed to the environment, developing different initiatives to promote good habits that respect our environment. Last Friday, our Year 3 students took a guided tour of the ‘Ecoparc’ of Vila-real and then visited the FACSA facilities in Castellón. Year 3 started their journey at the recycling…

Year 5 enjoy learning about materials

12th December 19

Year 5 students have learned during these weeks about matter and its general properties. At Laude The British School of Vila-real (Castellón), we like encouraging new ways of exploring science. So, our students have measured the mass and volume of different objects. They have also experienced the specific properties of matter, buoyancy, resistance, thermal insulation,…

Electrifying learning at BSV

9th December 19

Do you know who invented the light bulb? In Year 2, we have been studying our new IPC topic, Electricity, and we have discovered such amazing things as the effects on static electricity or how to light a bulb and make a circuit.   To start with, we investigated the effects on static electricity and…

Year 10, Science teachers for a day!

18th November 19

Our Year 10 students became Science teachers for a day. At Laude British School of Vila-real (Castellón), this is just one of the innovative teaching methods we use to improve our students’ understanding and reinforce their learning. Year 10 students became teachers for a few hours to teach Year 4 students why we breath and…

Year 2 make their own pizza!

29th October 19

At Laude British School of Vila-real (Castellón), we focus on amazing learning. In Year 2, our students have been learning about food and following instructions.   They have learned to design and write about how to make a pizza. The delicious combination of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings brings a smile to any child’s face….

Year 1 enjoy a day in a “Spa”

22nd October 19

These days, in Year 1B, we are learning about how we can look after ourselves within the topic “How are you?”. We have transformed our play-role area into a Wellness centre and spa and we have been taking care of each other by giving each other foot and hand massages and practicing relaxation techniques. Children,…

Laude BSV Year 6 students dissect a heart

21st October 19

At Laude The British School of Vila-real (Castellón) learning is amazing. Last week, our Year 6 students learned about how the heart works. And they took part in a lesson dissecting a heart! As part of their science unit about human biology, Year 6 had the opportunity to explore the different chambers of the heart…

Year 6 build their own lung model

4th October 19

At Laude The British School of Vila-real (Castellón) learning is a journey of discovery. Last Tuesday, 1st October, Year 6 made their own lung model after researching the different parts that make up the respiratory system. Building models is an effective way to encourage new ways of exploring science, art, mathematics, and other subject areas….

Laude BSV transforms into ancient Egypt for a day

2nd October 19

At Laude The British School of Vila-real (Castellón) great learning has no limits. This term, Year 3 students are learning all about the Ancient Egyptians, in our new topic Temples, Tombs and Treasures. Last Friday 27th September, we launched our new topic with an exciting day packed with different Ancient Egyptian themed activities, where Year…