How to apply for enrolment at our school?

You can apply for enrolment by filling in an application form and handing it in to the school Office addressed to the Head of Admissions. An online admission system is also available. Once the Head of Admissions has received your application, she will get in touch with you in order to arrange an appointment where you will have the opportunity to receive a tour of the school facilities, hand in the enrolment documents and pay the enrolment fee.

Those students accessing the Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate stages will be required to complete an entrance exam in both Spanish and English.

Are there other compulsory payments?

The school fees and meals are the only compulsory fees. Other services, such as school transport or extracurricular activities, are optional.

Why is Laude British School of Vila-real your best option?

LAUDE British School is the only British school in Castellón which covers all the educational stages, offering a complete education in English to students from 2 to 18 years old. Our education programme is fully inclusive and, on graduation from our Sixth Form, our students have direct access to Spanish universities without having to sit the university entrance exams (Selectividad). Our students are also awarded double qualifications, with certifications in both the Spanish and the English systems. With their qualifications our students are eligible to apply to any university worldwide.

What is the difference between a bilingual and a British school?

Bilingual schools follow the Spanish Curriculum but have a specified number of school hours taught in English. British schools are those which deliver the English National Curriculum in English plus the compulsory Spanish curriculum subjects: Spanish Language, Valencian, Natural and Social Sciences in Primary school and History and Geography in Secondary. At the end of Secondary school, our students’ studies are recognised by the Spanish government so that they receive the Spanish Secondary leaving certificate (ESO), in addition to their English certificates.

LAUDE The British School of Vila-real is a British School because apart from the compulsory Spanish subjects, every subject is taught in English. We do not just teach English, we teach IN English. LAUDE The British School of Vila-real offers multilingual education because in Secondary school our pupils choose to study German, French or Mandarin and obtain the official certificates from each country’s awarding body, which is now compulsory in order to comply with the Bologna Process.

What level of linguistic competence can we expect from our student by the end of their formal education with us?

From the start, LAUDE The British School of Vila-real has aimed to instil our students with a high level of linguistic ability in three or four different languages. Our goal is for our students to be able speak Spanish, English and Valencian fluently, and, based on their subject choices, also French, German or Mandarin when they finish Sixth Form.

My child comes from a Spanish school or cannot speak Spanish. Can they study at Laude British School of Vila-real?

At LAUDE The British School of Vila-real we have a Linguistic Immersion programme both in English and Spanish for those children who are not as fluent in English as our students. Likewise, students who cannot speak Spanish get support in order to learn the language. Each student is considered individually so that we can ensure their success with the right amount of work and dedication.